🔴 What happens if you add aquabeads to slime?

Have you ever thought about adding aqua beads into slime? Today I’m going to test this idea in my video.

Aqua-beads are a gelatine kind of beads that swallows when in contact with water almost like orbeez,but the difference is that in case of orbeez the bibles stay separate and never stick to each other.

Yes they contain water, but they are separate.

But as you can see on the left, Aqua-bead they stick to each other allowing you to create endless patterns. Added to slime they create this very gooey effect giving your slime unusual texture.

To the side is the final result for my aqua-beads slime test. it is very nice slime


Icing Slime

Ocean Clear slime


Beautiful ocean blue slime. Smells really refreshing! Has very unusual texture. Made with blue aqua beads. Very rare type of slime. Makes lovely sounds.

August 25, 2018 at 11:00AM

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