How to make icecream slime

THE UK is currently experiencing a heatwave unlike any in recent memory!

Fancy an ice-cream in a hot summer day?

Below you will find a refreshing, fluffy ice cream slime recipe that looked just like raspberry sorbet!

Sorbet Slime Recipe:

Prepare your activator:

take one cup of hot water

and a tea spoon of borax powder

mix until dissolved and set apart to cool down .

You can also your contact lens solution as you activator

just make sure that contain Boric Acid otherwise won’t work.


Meantime put in bowl a cup of  white glue

Add some shaving cream to give it a creamy texture.

Add two tablespoons of corn starch to make your slime ticker.

Add a few drops of red food colouring.

Start adding activator in small amounts till your mixture is not sticky any more.

Knead it for a while. Play for a moment with your new created slime till you receive desired consistency.

Than add some kinetic sand to give it it grainy texture.

Add more colour till you receive desire shade of colour.

Enjoy playing with your new ice cream slime!

Leave a comment did that receip work for you?

Share with me your favourite slime receipts.



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