Why some parents hate slime?

We all know kids love slime. Why some parents or grandparents hates it then?

Use your imagination and try to put yourself in their shoes:

Below are some opinions from both sides:

Kids: Kids love slime for the same reason they love jumping in puddles and playing in the mud….. it’s messy. They love to be able to be messy; after all, parents and other adults are always telling them not to make a mess or get messy.

Parents: It’s messy and gets everywhere.

Kids: Love slime because it’s stretchy and sticks to things.

Parents: Hate it because it sticks to EVERYTHING (including their sibling’s hair) and is murder to clean up; it picks up hair (dog, person, cat) lint, food, and all other kinds of trash with the power of a black hole and is impossible to get out again.In short, it’s disgusting.

Kids: Love slime as it comes in pretty colours and drips through their  hands?

Parents : Hate it as that pretty colours can stain clothes, sofa and carpets, bedding or car floor.

Win win solution: It may be an issue of how and where you play with your slime. Do you play with it at the table or on a big plastic tray to keep it contained? Are you pouring slime over other toys your grandparents got you at great expense?

Is slime an educational toy? If so what have you learned from it. Gravity draws it to the lowest point in the room, which may be your little sister’s head or your poor pet that can’t clean itself. If you cleaned it up after you played and contained it properly they may have a different attitude.

Tip for parents: Before allowing your little ones to play with slime make a poster together with your child: “How to play with slime to make your parents happy?” If they make the poster by themselves their are more likely to remember and follow the rules.

Tip for kids: Prepare a poster: How play with slime to make your parents happy?”. Show it to your parents and ask nicely to give you one more chance to prove that you can play with slime without making them a problem. Than if they allowed you to buy a slime stick to the poster rules and you will be surprised how their attitude will change. You might even find out that some parents will get attracted to slime and will play with you finding it relaxing and satisfying.

Remember! Always keep slime away from small children and animals as it can be dangerous for them!


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