5 things that your slime loves

Are you looking for ways to make your slime feel better?
Do your slime preform badly when you try to play with it?

in this article I’m going to talk about 5 things that your slime loves.

1. Low temperature, but not freezing!

Slime melts usually on high temperature, where you will have to keep adding activator (borax based) with will result in:rising borax concentration in your slime, witch is not so safe it borax exceeds certain limits.. (read my full article about borax safety in slime)

The slime will get over activated, that results in a stiff and rubbery slime, witch is not enjoyable.

on the other hand low temperature will keep the slime intact in a perfect condition and will have the appropriate viscosity level.

2. Clean hands and clean plastic surface.

Slime hate.

3. Close air tight containers.

4. Small quantities of activator added drop by drop.

5. Lots of kneading until it reach your desired texture.

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