How to remove slime stains quickly and effective using kitchen ingredients.

Did you try to remove slime, but were unsuccessful?

If you are looking for simple method to remove slime this article is for you!

Below I will explain how to clean slime using kitchen ingredients. 

Let them play or ban it?

Playing with slime can be very relaxing and satisfying that’s why kids wants to buy it over and over again, but behind every kid with slime is a parent praying they won’t drop it! Seeing your carpet or sofa covered with slime can bring any parent close to heart attack, as there is a common believe that slime stains are very hard to remove, however knowing a few tips will make you able to clean slime stains pretty easy.

What makes slime easy to remove?

The first and the the biggest secret is distilled white vinegar it make slime less sticky and much easier to remove.

How to make vinegar work more effective?

Combine it with baking soda (optional) and you will have a perfect slime cleaning solution. It’s only disadvantage is bed smell, thats why I add  some of my favourite Washing Up Liquid at the end of cleaning process. I love Fairy Clean & Fresh citrus grove because it has irresistible scent that totally dominate over unpleasant vinegar smell.

Now let’s start cleaning. It will only take a few minutes!


Spoon or butter knife

White vinegar

Baking soda

Washing up brush

Washing up liquid

Bowl of hot water

Kitchen paper or kitchen towel

How to remove slime from carpet or sofa?

7 easy steps to remove slime:

Step 1

Remove as much slime as possible using butter knife or spoon.

Step 2

Pour white vinegar onto slime stain to completely saturate the area.

*Let it soak for 10-15 minutes before you start scrubbing.

Step 3

Sprinkle some baking soda over the stain adding a bit more of white vinegar.

*You will see some bubbles – chemical reaction of combining baking soda with vinegar. My kids call it little volcano on the carpet.

This ‘little vulcano’ its very powerful and it makes some hard work for you.

Step 4

Leave it to soak for at least 10 -15 min.

Till the carpet fibres cover with slime will loosen up.

*Attention: The older is the stain, the longer you will need to soak it.

You might need to use a bit more of baking soda and vinegar for older stains.

Especially if your slime stain its more than one week old.

Step 5

Poor little of washing up liquid over a stain.

Step 6

Pour a little bite (one spoon) of hot water over the stain.

Use washing up brush to clean the stain cleaning your brush every time in a bowl of hot water.

Repeat as many times as needed till the stain disappear.

Step 7

Dry your stain using paper towels or cotton towel.

*If using paper towels press a dry towel into the carpet to soak up as much liquid as possible,do not rub.

*In rare cases when your stain still didn’t disappear, use regular carpet stain remover at this point.

Remember next time when your kids will be moaning about buying slime just add a bottle of white vinegar and a box of baking soda to your basket and your life will be much easier. You can also use white vinegar to soak clothes or linen covered with slime to remove excess of slime before washing.

How to clean slime from wall or ceiling:

1. Remove carefully as much slime as you can without damaging the wall painting.

2. Make a paste of baking soda and water.

3.Add a small amount of white vinegar. Your paste need to be tick.

4.Remember to protect your floor from getting dirty.

5. Apply the paste directly on the stain.

6.Let the paste dry. It might take up to 2 hours.

7. Brush the dry paste off with a paper towel. 

How to clean slime from clothes:

1.Pour white vinegar onto slime stain.

Use enough vinegar to completely saturate the area.

2.Let it soak for 5 minutes before you start scrubbing. 

Big  and dry slime stains soak overnight in a mixture of warm water 

and a few spoons of white vinegar.

3. Add a few drops of washing up liquid. 

Use your fingers to work out any slime remnants.

Rains with warm water. 

Wash as usual.

How to remove slime from bed sheets:

To remove slime from bed sheets follow the steps of removing slime from clothes.

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