How to remove Slime Out of Carpet (EVEN IF IT DRIED!)

Have your kids spilled slime on the carpet or sofa?

Did you try to clean it the next day where it became super dried?

Is slime banned in your home because it sticks to everything and it’s hard to clean?

Do you straggle between letting your kids playing with slime and the fear of getting everything covered with it?

If you answer to any of thees questions with yes, then certainly this article if for you! Hi, my name is Ewa and I am Julia’s mum. For long time it was very stressful for me to see Julia playing with slime in the living room where the ground is covered with carpet (regardless her promise too be very careful). I always insisted that she plays with slime only in the kitchen where ceramic tile are covering the ground. You know slime sticks very easy to everything that has fibres, but it’s not so easy to clean…

However after many tries and failures I finally discover effective slime removal. After I’ve tested it to remove all slime stains in our house, I finally stoped stressing about slime. In this article I’ll share with you how did I solve my slime cleaning problems and and I will show you how to solve all your problems related to slime stain. I will make cleaning the hardest slime stains as easy as removing a simple carpet stain. In the article we will first clean a fresh slime stain. And then we will add an additional two steps to remove the dried slime stains…

In this article:

Removing Fresh slime stain out of carpet

Removing Dry slime stain out of carpet

Before you read check this Important Notice:

In this article I will show you how to clean slime using a special Carpet Slime Remover. This slime remover is easier to use than traditional house hold chemicals. However if you want to use traditional house hold chemicals to clean the slime such as (vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid), please refer to this article, HOW TO REMOVE SLIME STAINS QUICK AND EFFECTIVE USING KITCHEN INGREDIENTS.

First Removing Fresh slime stain out of carpet:

1.Remove excess slime from the carpet using butter knife or credit card.

Hold the butter knife (or old credit card) on a 45° angle while removing the slime, and move the knife against the slime as you are shaving it. Obviously the slime will stick to the knife. Don’t worry about that and just keep removing as much as you can.

2. Spray the Carpet Slime Remover over the slime stain.

Spray with Carpet Slime Remover all over the slime stain until it soaks, leave it for 5 minutes – Please refer to this article if you want to use traditional house hold chemicals (ie. vinegar and baking soda). Then after 5 minutes spray another layer of the Carpet Slime Remover just before  scrubbing.


For carpet and soft furnishings in the Home and Car, this is a Revolutionary Slime Remover formula. How to use?

  •      Remove Dry slime
  •      Remove Fresh slime
  •      Safe to use at home
  •      Easy to wash off

3. Scrub using hard bristle brush.

After spraying the second layer of Carpet Slime Remover over the slime stain, start rubbing the carpet in a circular movement clock wise for 30 seconds and then counter clockwise for another 30 seconds.

4. Remove the slime foam.

After scrubbing the carpet, you will notice a foam coloured solution started to form, use the butter knife to remove it with the same 45° angle grip as disrupted in step 1 to remove it.

5. Repeat until clean.

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until you see the carpet as clean and all slime have been removed.

6. Dry.

Use a clean piece of cloth to dry the carpet, if still needed you can use regular carpet cleaner at this point.

Second Removing Dry slime stain out of carpet:

1. Soak the slime with Carpet Slime Removal Liquid

Spray the stain with the liquid until it soak, repeat spraying every 15 minutes for 2 hours.

2.Check if slime is soft

After 2 hours check if the slime have softened, if not keep repeating step 1, if the slime is soft now follow steps 1 to 6 for removing fresh slime stains.

In this article we answered 2 important questions regarding removing and clinging dray and wet slime from carpe.

If you have any other questions regarding remove Slime Out of Carpet please let us know by leaving a comment under the article on the website. and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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