Hi, This is Julia, and Julia’s Awesome Slime is My passion. I started making slime way before it becomes a phenomenon. I remember when I’ve been spending long hours in the kitchen mixing every think I can put my hands on to get this beautiful and gooey consistency. I remember when my dad and mum ware very cross on me running the kitchen equipments. guess what now. My dad is helping me now on the website. He bought me a £200 mixer and ton of supplies, mum is on her computer searching me how to create a beautiful logo and quite designs. Come on in! I’m sharing my best slime recipes, slime fixing tips and selling my best slimes that I’ve made!

julia's awesome slime Founder

Julia is a young entrepreneur who loves making and sharing her love for slime with fans and followers all around the world, she started a youtube channel 6 months a go to teach slime lovers how to make slime the easy way, her youtube chanel picked up quite well, and may asked her for giveaways, that sparked the idea of opening an online shop so more people can enjoy Julias slimes…


Ewa is Julias mom she helps in the marketing side of things, she packs the orders and put the tasty sweets in the package…


Sherif is Julia’s dad, he is an It/we-developer/hardworking/heavy-lifting guy he dose what Julia ask for..